Halloween Nails Inspiration

Halloween Nails Inspiration

It’s that time of year where we can go all out with nails just because. Let your inner artist out and go crazy on your digits! Broaden your horizons, it’s not all about black and orange you know. The bat filled sky is the limit! Here is some Halloween nails inspiration that we really think you’ll love because personally, we can’t get enough of them.


You can’t get much better than these Hocus Pocus themed nails! We’re obsessed with them and think they should be acceptable all year round, not only October. @tres_she is ridiculously talented and we can only imagine what other designs she is capable of! The portraits are uncanny aren’t they?!

Cartoon Halloween character nails

These cartoon acrylics by @sugarnailsalon are fun and frightening. We love the added sparkle with the gems on the Mummy eyes and the little spider is too cute! They still have a hint of girly-ness even though they are Halloween inspired.

Sparkly, monochrome nails

We’re a big fan of this monochrome sparkly set by @cocobeeachsalon. The glitter makes them super girly and pretty but the skill face, stitching and cobweb make them spooky. Love them!

Pink sugar skull nails

For the girly girl who still wants seasonal nails, why not try something like this beaut Mexican sugar skull design by @zuzia_zua? Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary.

Sparkly, grey cobweb nails

We all love a bit of glitter and Halloween doesn’t mean we have to shy away from this trend! This look is a bit more subtle than the oranges and blacks you’d expect around this time of year but still has a hint due to the spooky spider webs on the index fingers. These beauties were created by @angela_beer

Crime scene nails

Blood splatters, crime scene tape and finger prints. These nails by @nailsbylindsey_ have jumped straight out of CSI. This look would finish off any Halloween costume perfectly. Each design is so simple but together looks incredible. 10 points for originality!

Ombre peeping black cat nails

This peeping cat design is just too cute. It can be pulled off throughout the whole year (crazy cat ladies rejoice!) and just by changing the base colour, really mixes it up. All hail @padmeamanda

Glittery, blue bat nails

When you think of Halloween nails, you wouldn’t usually think teal and sparkly but these nails @laurakirstenbailey totally work! You could brighten up a Mummy costume, or zombie bride or even a cat?! We just love the glitter ombre mixed with the silver bat detailing. So pretty!