5 Trendz Products For Under A Tenner

5 Trendz Products For Under A Tenner

It’s getting to that time of year where money won’t be spent on that new top you’ve had your eye on, but instead you have to start Christmas shopping. Booooo. We know it’s tough when you have a family of 5000 to buy for so here are some ideas of Trendz products you can get with a £10 note and even get some change back! Secret Santa – SORTED.

Hawaiian Portable Keyring Speaker

  1. Mini Buddy Portable Speaker – Hawaiian


Perfect for any fan of music and/or travel. This little speaker is so handy, it has a keyring so you can attach it to your bag or keys and really does pack some punch when it comes to sound! It’s pretty floral print makes it super girly and they’ll definitely love you forever if you surprise them with this!

Patterned In Ear Earphones

  1. In-Ear Noise Isolation Headphones with Mic


Now you can look stylish while you’re blocking the world out with some Beyoncé! We have different patterns to choose from and all have an in line remote for call handling and changing the song etc. Handy! They are also noise cancelling so be careful when you’re wailing along to ‘Drunk In Love’.+

Patterned Mirror/Power Bank

  1. Power Bank with Built-In Compact Mirror


Everyone loves to save space so anything that is 2 in 1 is a definite hit. Any girly girl will absolutely love this power bank/mirror combination. Charge your phone, do your lippy, game changer! AND they come in a variety of different patterns, sure to fit any personality.

Touch Screen Knitted Gloves

  1. Touch Screen Gloves for Phones and Tablets


 The fashionable knitted pink make these look like ordinary gloves bought only to keep your hands warm but secretly, the tips of the fingers work on all phones and tablets. GENIUS! No one is worth a text back when it means you have to take a hand from its toasty little cave and into the freezing winter’s air. Now they’ll never have this problem again! Practical AND pretty.

Floral In Car Charger

  1. Patterned USB In-Car Travel Bullet Charger


Travel in style with our patterned in car chargers. Able to give your smartphone/tablet/mp3 player the boost it might need on a long journey. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and you’re good to go! Who wouldn’t love this as a gift?!