How To Occupy Yourself During A Long Flight

How To Occupy Yourself During A Long Flight

You’ve done it! You’ve booked that amazing holiday and now all you have to do is get there – sometimes easier said than done if you’re going on a long flight. We all think we can sit still for nine hours, but goodness knows it’s impossible when you can’t put your seat back and someone’s knee is wedged in your back. Take some tips from the Trendz girls who travel all the time, and figure out a way to occupy yourself on a long flight whether you’re on your way out or on your way home!

Sleep with your destination’s clocklong-flight-advice-how-to-world-clock-trendz-blog

Don’t make the mistake of snoozing as soon as you’ve grabbed your booze and slumped in your seat – you want to be able to max out your time when you get on holiday, not get stuck in your old time zone! Find out what the time is at your destination, and try to live on that time as soon as you get on the plane.

Make sure that tablet’s charged

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck without your tablet, so make sure it’s charged up and ready to roll for as much of the flight as possible. You could even grab a Trendz case to prevent it from getting scratched on the journey.

Hydrate hydrate hydratedrink-water-hydrate-advice-how-to-trendz-blog

We cannot emphasise this enough! Learn from our mistakes and make sure you’re not only drinking plenty of water, but keeping your skin hydrated too. Keeping a small tub of face cream is going to do you all the favours when you look back at those holiday snaps.

Edit those photos

Or if you’re on your way from your holiday then it’s the perfect time to edit those holiday snaps! You don’t need Wi-Fi to sharpen that contrast, and you’ll arrive home full of impressive images to share on your Insta #NoFilter

Take a wander

Sitting for that long on a flight isn’t natural so try to get up and have a meander up and down the plane each hour. It’ll keep your blood circulating (the medical bit), but it will also give you the chance to nosey on everyone else on the plane and see if you can spot any Z list celebs!

Get the diary ready for your return!

Just because your holiday is over doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning the next one!

Plot your vaycay excitement

Last but by no means least, the best way to make the hours fly away is to plot all your holiday shenanigans! Which beaches will you go to, which restaurants, and which museums? Who brought the most space for shopping, and who’s ready for a holiday romance? Before you know it, you’ll be landing and walking out into your next adventure.