Handbag Essentials

Handbag Essentials

It’s tough enough being a girl, but it’s even tougher to be an organised one. We’ve put together a short list of items we truly believe you should never leave the house without. So get these in your handbag ASAP and we promise you’ll thank us later!

Trendz Power Bank

Trendz Vintage Birds Power Bank

Not only is this little invention pretty, it’s also practical. You know what we’re like when we are out and about. Its constant Facebook check ins, selfie taking, music playing, so no wonder our phones die in a just a few hours. They don’t take up much room in any bag and you’ll appreciate it forever when you’ve missed the last train home and you’re on 1%. We’ve all been there…




Vaseline: Rosy Lips

Every girl’s go to item. Our favourite is Rosy Lips as it has a real subtle hint of pink so instantly gives your lips the colour that the freezing cold winter weather is zapping out of them!



Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Because no one likes grubby hands, end of. You eat that jam doughnut without a care in the world! No one can stop you now.



Hair Ties

Hair Ties

Always handy to have in your bag for those times when you’re on a mission and the hair just has to go up in a top knot. Tight deadline at work, all you can eat buffet, that kinda thing. These spiral ones are super handy as they don’t leave that hideous indentation in your barnet if you decide to put your hair back down again. Amaaaazing!



Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

We all know the struggle of ‘I just CBA to wash my hair’. Fear not! Dry shampoo gives your ‘do the spruce up it needs to last another day before washing. It even comes in a teeny travel size can so doesn’t take up precious room in your handbag. Just amazing. Tropical scent is our fave ‘cos who doesn’t like the smell of holiday?!



Nail File

Mini Nail Files

Hang nails are literally THE. WORST. These iddy biddy nail files are 1 – extremely cute but 2 – a complete necessity in any girls’ handbag. Those tights aren’t going to ladder themselves.



Metallic Gold Earphones

It’s always a good idea to have a spare pair of earphones. The worst thing in the world is the commute to/from work in silence. Trendz have some gorgeous pairs available in all the iPhone colours as well as pretty patterns so why not treat yourself?



Emergency Chocolate Bar


Whether it’s for energy/quick sugar boost or you’re just having a really bad day. Coming across something chocolatey in your bag is the best feeling, especially when you forgot it was there in the first place.  Our personal fave is a Kinder Bueno but it’s easily smooshable so maybe go for something a bit more stable like a Galaxy? Classic.

Mini Body Spray

Mini Body Spray

For when you’re feeling a bit icky. Maybe you had to run for the bus, maybe you have a hot date straight after a busy shift at work, sometimes we all need a spruce up and these tiny sprays are perfect for those emergencies!