Planking For Pizza

Planking For Pizza

Planking for Pizza: There’s an Exercise Regime We Can Get Behind!


Exercise seems to come very easily to some people, and be completely impossible for others! Yes, it’s possible to force yourself down to the gym if you happen to be in the first group, but you just end up hating every single moment and then binge eating later as a reward. Surely there’s a middle ground?

Well yes, thankfully there is: planking for pizza. It may make a great t-shirt slogan, but it’s also become somewhat of a life mantra for fitness and healthy eating blogger Jessica Pack, a woman who realised that desperately comparing herself to other people wasn’t getting her anywhere. She needed to start where she was, and treat herself kindly.

In her own words, losing weight just makes you lighter. It doesn’t make you kinder. Jessica’s approach of treating herself with kindness, not punishing herself for eating food she loves (like pizza), and working on sustainable healthy fitness has struck a chord with us and millions around the world.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to plank a little more often if it meant that you could eat pizza guilt free? You can do a variety of different types of planks to cutlery, delicious, dinnerspice things up so you don’t get bored, and you’ll soon find that 20 minutes has flown by. With the rough calculation that 20 minutes of planking equals one large slice of pizza, if you did that quick workout every day for a week then you could eat a whole pizza guilt free.

But Jessica isn’t about rules. She’s about listening to her body, and that is an exercise regime we can get behind (especially as our bodies are telling us to eat pizza. #TwoForTuesday, anyone?)

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