Keep Cosy with our Favourite Christmas PJs

Keep Cosy with our Favourite Christmas PJs

Keep cosy this Christmas with some festive pyjamas! Below is a list of our favourite finds, from song lyrics to head to toe Santa, we’re sure there’ll be something here you’ll like.

Ivy Santa Don’t Like You Stocking Print PJ Set

Christmas stockings, Bieber lyrics, what more could we want in pyjamas?! The cuffed bottoms look really cosy and to be honest we’d be tempted to wear the top out of bed as well!

 Christmas Big Elf Pyjama Set


Just cos we’re not little kids anymore doesn’t mean we don’t still love Christmas! We all have a tiny elf inside us that pops out every December so why not dress like one?

 Warner Bros. Elf Christmas Pyjamas


Speaking of Elves, Buddy is the greatest of them all. Pay homage to the legend by having his face plastered on your Xmas PJs this year. Leggings are so cosy and warm so will definitely keep you toasty in the chilly nights.

White Christmas Pudding Pyjama Set


Maybe not one to wear if you’re spending Christmas with the in-laws but we LOVE this cheeky pudding PJ set.

Lounge & Sleep Girls’ red Santa pyjama set


Go ALL out with this fantastic Santa costume PJ set. You could really get into character by getting through all the Quality Street before 9am, then you could also shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly!

Christmas Santa Baby Long Sleeve Tee & Legging Pyjama Set


For something more subtle but very girly, this pink and silver combo is a winner. Pretty snowflakes, glitter lettering, and Marilyn Monroe lyrics make this super sexy!

Bah Humbug Slogan Jersey Pyjamas


Maybe you’re not as happy about this time of year like the rest of us, if so, this PJ set is perfect for you. You like dogs though right? You can’t hate Christmas AND dogs, surely?!