New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide

New Year’s Eve Party Planning Guide

Everyone is banging on about Christmas but we always seem to forget that New Year’s is just around the corner! Are you thinking of celebrating NYE at your place this year? We’ve put together a quick guide of what and how to plan a great shindig for all to enjoy. Good luck!

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Who do you want to spend the last moments of 2016 and the first moments of 2017 with? You’ll have to take into consideration the size of your place so as not to invite too many or even too little! We’ve always been to that awkward ‘party’ where there are 5 people sitting round a table . . . You could send out official invites or do what the cool kids are doing these days and just make an event on Facebook! This way others can see whose going and you can easily keep track on who has clicked Attending and who can’t make it. Technology eh?!


The fun part is making it pretty! Think balloons, banners, streamers, party poppers, plastic cups and plates (saves on washing up). Think of a colour theme and go wild with it. Popular choices for this time of year are silver, gold, black, and white. These colours always make a party look like a classy affair and it’s so easy to find them in any party shop. Sparklers are an excellent idea for when the clock strikes midnight to add an extra element of excitement.


Spotify is brilliant for parties as you can either create your own playlist to play all night or you can choose one of their hundreds of playlists that they’ve already put together so you don’t have to worry about a thing. There are so many themes to choose from like specific years or genres or artists, they have it covered! If you’re not already signed up, do not fear as you get your first month free! Beware, you’ll definitely become obsessed and forget that life without Spotify can even exist. Now all you need to concentrate is nailing the dance moves to impress your pals.


There are many options when it comes to food at parties, and it’s the same with drink! You could spend a fortune trying to cater for everyone and end up with such a wasteful amount that was never touched and no one likes waste! You could ask people to bring a dish/snack each so once everyone is there you’ll have a good selection. You could tell people to have dinner beforehand as you’re only providing party food such as little cakes, crisps, dips etc. to keep the cost down. Or maybe you could all pitch in to get a takeaway? That way people order what you want. Whatever you decide, make sure you eat enough before the champagne toast at midnight!


Drink is very expensive and could definitely be the most costly part of the whole shebang. A popular way around this is to ask people to bring their own. This way, people bring what they like so you’re not wasting money on getting every variation of every wine/spirit/liquor to accommodate everyone’s tastes. People don’t feel pressured to drink alcohol if they don’t wish to and can bring soft drinks of their choosing. It’s never fun being designated driver so at least they’ll definitely have a beverage they’ll enjoy!


We’ve already mentioned sparklers for midnight but what else could you do for the hours leading up to that? There are hundreds of games available online; you just need to Google it! Maybe you could do a 2016 pub quiz with questions about events that happened this year. Another idea is Mr and Mrs. This is always a party favourite and a good way of getting some gossip! But you do need multiple couples to play, unless you do a best friend edition! If you are doing a fancy dress party you could have an awards ceremony, Most Imaginative, Worst Costume etc. Party favourites such as truth or dare, passing balloons by using only your knees and even Charades are always winners!