How To Be More Organised In 5 Steps

How To Be More Organised In 5 Steps

Being organised either comes naturally to you, or it’s completely impossible: there never seems to be any sort of middle ground! If you are one of those people who instinctively colour coordinates their work diary with their personal planner, that’s awesome, but for the rest of us mere mortals it can be an effort to even remember when the recycling is meant to go out.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to be more organised and train yourself into little habits that will make a huge difference to your life. We’ve scoured the most organised of us here at Trendz HQ, and here are the tips that they’ve given us:

  1. Pick one thing to be organised about at a time.

Yes, it would be marvellous to be able to sort out your finances, your untidy bedroom, your completely disorganised makeup box AND your desk at work at the same time . . . but we’re not super human! Pick one thing, and one thing only that you want to work on being more organised about, and you’ll find it a lot easier to avoid being

  1. Write everything down.

Even if you think that you’re going to remember it, chances are that you probably won’t. Have one notebook or one diary that you carry with you everywhere, and write everything important in it down. You’ll have no excuse to double book that lunch date with the dentist.

  1. Have a ‘door’ bowl.

It sounds strange, but having a box or a bowl by your front door will change your life. When you get in, immediately put your keys, wallet, purse, watch – anything vitally important – in that bowl. Then when you need to leave the house the next day, there’ll be no more frantically turning your home inside out to find your train tickets.

  1. Accept (occasional) failure.treat-yourself-trendz-blog-how-to-be-organised

No one’s perfect! Even organised people will forget something or mess something up, and when you’re working hard to be more organised then mistakes will be made. It sucks, but don’t let a small mistake derail the rest of your progress: it’s not an excuse to throw in the towel. (Metaphorically. If you’ve accidentally forgotten that you were defrosting the freezer, the towel may be a good idea.)

  1. Reward yourself!

Celebrating the little victories will make getting organised feel like an achievement rather than a long hard slog. Even if it’s something daft like remembering to send that birthday card to your mum, it’s something that you probably wouldn’t have been organised enough to do before. Buy yourself a treat, and smile. You’re already halfway there.