Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

We all know someone who is basically Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, so we’ve put together a list of all our super girly, pretty, pink accessories that they’d love! We’ve got you covered for birthdays, Valentine’s, Christmas and everything in between. You. Are. Welcome!

Glitter Tablet Case


Pink AND sparkly?! This gorgeous PU leather tablet case is perfect for anyone obsessed with watching PLL or Gossip Girl on Netflix. It has a handy built in stand so you can binge watch comfortably for hours  (yay) and the inner lining is made of suede which gives it a touch of sophistication as well as protecting the fragile screen. The outside of the case is so pretty and protects your tablet from everyday bumps and scratches so overall, this is the best tablet case in the whole of the world, ok?

Heart Earphones


These are great to have even as a spare cos let’s be honest, who hasn’t lost the ones that come free with your phone? Plus, they all look the same, why not treat yourself to some that’ll make you stand out from the crowd? They come with various sized earbuds so you can customise them to fit your ears perfectly and isolates noise so you won’t be bothered by background music when you’re singing along to Britney.

Heart Tablet Case


To match your earphones, clever aren’t we! We know how important it is to coordinate and stay #OnTrendz (see what we did there?). Like the glitter case we spoke about earlier, this heart design also has a built in stand and protects your tablet from horrid scratches that are the bane of our lives all while still being super pretty. What more could you need?

USB Cable


We all know there’s nothing exciting about USB cables but we also know how much we depend on them to connect and/or charge our must used devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc). Yes you could get an ordinary black or white one but why be boring when you can be stylish? Also, the woven wire means it is less likely to tangle and snap. Hooray!

Butterfly Tablet Case


Yes another tablet case, soz. But can a girl ever have too many options? The easy elasticated fastenings mean there’s no fiddling around when putting your tablet in the case plus another strap to keep everything compact which is ideal for those on the go and again means nothing attacking the screen and leaving a horrible mark. The canvas material and pink butterfly pattern makes this slightly different to the rest of our case range and we love it!



Everyone loves a bargain and you may think you’re buying just a pretty pen or just a pretty stylus when in fact, it’s both! The rubber tip gives way more accuracy than using a finger (think of the SnapChat masterpieces you could create!) The retractable biro pen comes in really handy when studying for example, as you can switch from your tablet to your notes in half a second. These stylus’ also come in purple, blue and white. The choice is yours!

Floating Glitter Case for iPhone 5/5S/5SE


One of our favourites from the whole Trendz collection is the floating glitter phone cases. Yes, they’re very distracting but who wouldn’t be mesmerised by gorgeous glitter swimming around your phone! The easy to clip on case is made from a sturdy polycarbonate material which gives fab protection as we can all be a little clumsy at times and you’re able to access all the buttons so there’s no issues there.

Watermelon Tablet Case


The last tablet case we’ll mention, promise! The watermelon print is so bold and eye-catching, this is a sure way to show off your individuality. Again, a handy built in stand so you can scroll ASOS for hours in comfort, plus the soft suede-effect inner lining makes sure that the case and screen are scratch-free. The PU material is great for a clutz as it’s ridiculously easy to wipe any spills of tea/pizza!