Perfect Present Ideas for Impossible People!

Perfect Present Ideas for Impossible People!

We all have them. That family member who seems to have absolutely everything that they want. The friend with impossibly specific tastes. The colleague at work who always seems to turn their nose up at the office present.

Buying presents for those impossible people can feel like such a drain on your energy and creativity, but now’s the time to up your gifting game! With these perfect present ideas, you can’t fail to go wrong – probably . . .

Treat them to an experience, not something wrapped


You can’t be disappointed at a supercar driving experience, or the chance to fly birds of prey, or learning how to make your own knickers! These are all different experiences that you can gift to someone and are perfect because even if they hate it, it’ll all be over in just a few hours.

Get them something ridiculous that you just can’t hatesmilies-bank-sit-rest-160739

Six words. Glow. In. The. Dark. Unicorn. Slippers. Seriously though, they may not use whatever crazy thing you find for very long, but it’ll be memorable, and they’ll (hopefully) be unable to look at it without smiling, which let’s be honest, is the end goal when it comes to a good present.stxphiie

Try something matching, because who can say no to matching?

We can’t help but be biased by the Trendz travel range – but then who wouldn’t love a matching travel wallet, passport case, and suitcase tag? We certainly wouldn’t, and they have the added bonus of being practical so your recipient will have no choice but to use them.


Play to their interests

They love penguins? Get something penguin related! They have an obsession with Jaguar cars? Get something Jaguar car-like? They can’t get enough of knitting? You know what to do? Yes, it’s not the most inspired way to go, but at least you know that you’ll have a small chance in fitting into what they already love.


If in doubt, hit up their Amazon wishlist

It’s not original, but it’ll do the trick. You heard it here first.